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28. Januar 2014

Marlon Brando's last role

In 2004 Marlon Brando's health was declining dramatically. He had to use an oxygene flask. Still, he took a role in the animated comedy "Big Bug Man". Offered the role of an overweighed candy store owner, Brando instead chose the role of a sweet elderly woman, named Ms. Sour.
"As we were entering the house, he was sitting there, head to toe dressed as closely as possible to what he felt the live action version of his character would look like: Gigantic blonde curly whig, full make up, glasses, earrings, necklace, turcoise and gold moo moo, black gloves at elbow length, jewelry... He was a woman. He wasn't campy, he wasn't doing any of the cliches that anyone would think a man could fall into. He didn't fall into that trap. He had created a full, rich, adorable, interesting, unpredictable character."
1:18:28 - 1:20:00

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